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Experiencial Learning

Experiential Learning is learning by doing. By engaging students in hands-on experiences, they are better able to connect theories and knowledge learned in UGAA’s after school programs to real-world situations.

When students participate in experiential education opportunities, they gain:

A greater understanding of course material
A broader view of the world and introduction to career paths
Insight into their own skills, interests, passions, and values
Opportunities to collaborate with diverse organizations and people
Self-confidence and leadership skills

Giving Back through ESPORTCARES

UGAA, Our Founders, Board Members, Management Team, and investors are committed to ending Digital Disparity. Our online educational curriculum, career oriented classes, online platform, and gaming league are all focused on underserved educational communities and working to close the gap in the Digital Divide in our lifetimes.


CYPHR is a streetwear brand that integrates the ever-growing world of gaming.

We are creating a movement that gives eSports the same representation that athleisure and lifestyle brands receive in retail stores.

As CYPHR apparel grows, it’s counterparts in the Metaverse will grow with it, from NFT CYPHR designs to unique skins in popular games.

CYPHR is here to unite gamers around the world in the enjoyment of our core philosophies:

Comfort / Functionality / Style

This is how we CYPHR.
1300 +
twitch streams
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past games
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