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Universal Gamers Amateur Association (UGAA) ia an innovative leader in the education technology sector focused on career online education combined with eSports League gaming.

Patrick Kenny, UGAA’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Our equity partnership with Shane ED and Mitch Richmond’s team will allow us to have a laser like focus bringing our online educational, career, and engaging eSport League program to students and school systems in the minority and underserved communities. Our commitment at UGAA is to attack Digital Disparity made so much worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, even more so in African American and Hispanic communities.”

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UGAA, Our Founders, Board Members, Management Team, and investors are committed to ending Digital Disparity. Our online educational curriculum, career oriented classes, online platform, and gaming league are all focused on underserved educational communities and working to close the gap in the Digital Divide in our lifetimes.

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2K League - 2K
Feb.18.2021 - 01:50 am
FIFA League - FIFA
Feb.19.2021 - 01:50 am
Madden League - Madden
Feb.26.2021 - 01:50 am

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